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How to make homes more Energy Efficient

In the last few decades, our energy needs have increased tremendously. We are burning fossil fuels more than ever and depleting these resources at an incredibly fast rate. With consumption of these resources, the global temperatures have started to rise. It is time we realize the need for energy efficiency and switching to more sustainable forms which are good for the environment. Apart from industries, rising population demands for water, land and electricity in households are also contributing to increased energy demand.

Many initiatives around the world are working towards finding a solution to energy issues. From increasing regulatory control to promoting greener and cleaner projects, the governments are trying everything. But corporates, alone, resorting to measures cannot avert the situation. It is now on every citizen in any country to realize the value of saving energy and going Eco-friendly.

Here are a few ways how we can help the environment as a family and move towards more energy efficient homes.

Energy efficiency

Embrace Sustainability, go for Energy Efficiency

Use Daylight

Day light can be efficiently used to illuminate the home’s interior, helping to save energy while brightening up the living spaces. Designing homes with plenty of cross ventilation and windows enhances daylight penetration. Using advanced technologies such as solar light tubes and smart blinds help save on your illumination costs. One can also go for clerestory windows which are short, wide windows set high on the wall that protect from the summer sun and allow winter sun to come through for natural lighting, warmth and comfort.

Install Energy Efficient Appliances

In peak summers, air-conditioning is an undeniable need. Our electricity bills start to skyrocket with multiple devices for cooling every part of the home 24/7, causing tremendous use of energy. You will be surprised how smart devices such as Smart Thermostats, Smart Bulbs and Smart Plugs can help get deliver huge savings on electricity. Another smart way to save is check out the Energy Star Ratings on devices and investing on inverter technologies in heavy appliances. Small steps can bring you huge savings in the long run.

Depend on Natural Sources of Energy

Natural sources of energy can help increase energy efficiency while being Eco-friendly. Solar power and wind energy can help lower electricity bills, decrease carbon footprints and give you potentially higher home value. With governments encouraging adoption of solar power, the installation & maintenance costs are going down by the day. Not only is solar power good for the environment, but you can earn money selling back excess power to the grid.

Save Water

Going Eco-friendly does not come without conserving water. Water is basic for human survival and we ought to save it. Thankfully, with smart technologies, it is now possible to monitor water usage and minimize use. Smart devices coupled with smart sensors help save water in our day to day household chores. Smart washers and dryers, efficient dishwashers, water leak detectors, automatic sensor based water taps, smart toilet systems and smart sprinklers, are a few to help you achieve the goal and become Eco-friendly.

Seal and Insulate Living Spaces

Sealing and insulating homes to avoid energy leakage is a good idea to increase energy efficiency and comfort. Well insulated homes keep home environment cool in summers and cozy in winters. An energy auditor can help you evaluate your home’s energy leakage. They ensure to envelope and recommend fixes that will dramatically decrease energy consumption up to 5-30% and help achieve monetary savings too.

Cook Smart

Using modern appliances instead of conventional ones help save 50% more energy. Microwaves are much more energy efficient than conventional ovens and avoid excessive heating of kitchens. Induction cooking can be much more efficient that gas. Smart appliances with better Energy star rating and improved technologies are a plus. Small additions such as precision cookers, timers and smart video assistants such as Amazon Echo Show can help you cook better recipes without much wastage.


Save energy save earth! As responsible citizens, it is up to us to start thinking about saving energy. It is a win-win situation for everyone! You get monetary savings by conserving energy through government initiatives like subsidies for Eco-friendly adoptions, while bringing the planet back to life! It doesn’t take much energy to conserve energy.

“Conserve energy to preserve future”

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