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Security Essentials Every Smart Home Needs

Home Security is one of the greatest motives to have a smart home system. With all the innovative smart home devices on the market, you can automate almost everything. But, when it comes to security, you really need to be sure before you put your hands on smart security systems. Here are some security essentials every smart home must have.

What is a Smart Home Security system?

Smart home security systems allow its users to remotely monitor and manage their homes in real-time, alerting homeowners of unusual behavior or unexpected attempts to access the doors or windows. Unlike traditional home security systems, smart security systems continue to monitor and send alerts, even when disarmed.

One can include smart doorbells, which not only notify users when someone is at the door, but can allow them to identify and communicate with strangers before unlocking the door. Smart security cameras, which are activated by motion, can also be accessed remotely.

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Essential Elements of a Smart Home Security System

Smart Security Cameras

Compared to a traditional CCTV camera system which generally cost a lot and require a lot of IT maintenance from service providers, smart security cameras are a once-off, affordable investment that you can manage right from your smartphone or tab.

The convenience of this sort of system lies not only in its ease of use but in its versatility. While can easily be set up in and around your home with no need for expert help, they can also double as nanny-cams or even a means to watch your pets remotely. With user-friendly app settings, the software that comes packaged with almost all smart cameras can be linked to a smart home alarm system. Smart camera networks are also perfect for watching over your home while on vacation.

Smart Home Hub

A smart security system essentially needs to be connected to a central hub. A smart home security hub will not only notify emergency services that there is a problem, but also offers specificity in regards to the sort of emergency to notify the appropriate services. The connectivity also means that enabling and disabling the alarm system can be done via your smartphone, with additional options for proximity and scheduled activation. A smart security hub also integrates with various sensors such as door and window sensors, smart locks and smoke detectors to take appropriate actions as pre-programmed.

Smart Sensors & Alarm Systems

Motion sensors are an integral part of smart security systems. They’re used as standalone devices you place on doors & windows or in a part of your home you wish to monitor. Motion sensors are also built into smart security cameras. These sensors detect if there is an intrusion in the home and alert the appropriate service through the Smart Security Hub. The alarm sensors can be coupled with the motion sensors and a blaring alarm can be set to go off if an intrusion is detected. Most systems can be set to automatically alert the authorities as well.

Burglary is not the only threat to your home. Fire, gas, and water can also do serious damage. Smart fire/CO detectors offer in-app silencing and send notifications to your phone if they are triggered. Flood sensors work similarly to their detector counterparts but obviously sit lower to the ground.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are incredible. Smart door locks go way beyond the simple functionality of securing your home via encrypted and tamper-proof locks. They offer complete control over who has access at what times and for what duration of time. This means that if you were to go on vacation, you could grant your neighbor temporary access to water your plants, and then revoke access once you are home. Further functionality includes remote locking and unlocking. When used in conjunction with your smart cameras, access can be granted to a trusted service provider to come around at a time you are not home or simply an unplanned visit by your near and dear ones.

Smart Video Door Bells

A smart video doorbell such as the popular Ring doorbell, can be connected to your Wi-Fi or smart hub and notifies your smartphone or tablet when a visitor arrives at the door. It activates when the visitor presses the button of the doorbell, or alternatively, when the doorbell senses a visitor with its built-in motion sensors. You can talk to the visitor on the other end without even opening the door or you can also be alerted if someone approached your door even when you are on a vacation or at work.

Key Benefits of Smart Home Security Systems

  • Manage and monitor the security of your home from anywhere, ensuring that you don’t have to worry whether or not your doors are locked when you’re away.
  • Receive alerts of attempted access or motion around your home, even when the system is disarmed.
  • Identify and communicate with visitors without unlocking your door, even when you’re not home.
  • Monitor children and pets at your convenience, while sitting at home in a different room or away from home.
  • Alerts you with problems detected at home like gas leak, fire or flooding.
  • Provides complete peace of mind as you can be sure that your home security system is doing its job well while you are away to any part of the world.


Security Systems are a top priority for every home today. Instead of going for the traditional CCTV surveillance systems, which would cost a ton of money and still won’t be smart enough, it is an intelligent move to upgrade to a smart home system with a wealth of features apart from merely being able to monitor the outdoors for security. At the end of the day, the goal is simple : Safety and Security.

“Security is not a product, but a process”

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