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8 Amazing benefits of Smart Motorized Window Blinds

For anyone building or re-modelling a home, energy efficiency is a key factor. From insulation to location, how you build a home can have a direct impact on how much energy it uses. Smart blinds and curtains are a sure easy way to help you achieve this goal.

Smart, motorized shades can help control the solar gain and heat loss your home experiences naturally throughout the day simply by opening and closing at pre-programmed times. With the addition of smart home technology, the blinds can actually learn when they need to open and close based on temperature and sun light, maximizing the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

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What are Smart Blinds?

Smart Blinds are window coverings or window treatments that include built-in motors that enable you to add remote raising or lowering capabilities based on schedule, sensors, voice commands, and an application or a combination of all. These blinds are also commonly known as automatic blinds, smart shades, or motorized blinds.

Many homeowners have their interest intrigue by the smart blinds system but are not quite sure if it is worth an investment. Here’s a look at the benefits of smart blinds to help you decide whether they are a good fit for your home.

Benefits of Smart Motorized blinds

1. Convenience

Motorized blinds can be opened and closed by the touch of a button, with remote control, or an app on a smartphone. Window coverings are a proven way to reduce solar gain and prevent heat loss. Add on convenience, and this becomes the ultimate solution. Smart blinds have an inbuilt ability to open and close at specified schedules, which means you may never have to worry about them at all.

2. Energy Efficiency

Motorized blinds connected to a smart home hub can help minimize the amount of energy your HVAC system uses. The blinds can be coupled with temperature and sunlight sensors to close during the hottest part of the day or open during a sunny day in winter. This allows ample natural light into your home without increasing your energy usage and also helps to keep your indoors cool or warm.

3. Optimized Natural Daylight

Installing motorized window blinds in bedrooms helps one sleep comfortably with the blinds going dark at night and waking up to natural daylight with set schedules. Blinds with maximum light-blocking opacity will help your bedroom be as dark as possible, to improve quality of sleep.

Apart from brightening indoors, natural daylight helps boost health and bring in good vibes.

4. Modern & Stylish

A modern and stylish home has a contemporary feel and de-congested spaces. While curtains may appear to be bulky in small and cramped spaces, blinds would be an ultimate solution in terms of luxury, elegance and space saving.

5. Smart Home Integration

Smart Blinds and Curtains can be conveniently integrated with your smart home system. With temperature and light sensors, the blinds can be made to sync up with the smart home systems. Smart learning Thermostats synchronized with smart blinds can help save huge amount of energy. Smart thermostat can sense if a room is getting too hot and close the shades instead of turning on the air conditioning or do the reverse when it knows a room is cooler than it should be.

6. Privacy

Having big windows in bedrooms and bathrooms is aesthetically pleasing and lets in plenty of natural light, but privacy is a concern. Motorized window blinds make having large windows in these private spaces easier.

You can quickly adjust the blinds in your bedroom or bathroom when needed, without having to manually lower blinds. They can also be scheduled to close as soon as the sun sets in to avoid being exposed. Smart blinds can also bring in instant privacy by separating spaces within your homes or office spaces with just a tap.

7. Safety

Motorized blinds lack of cords which is a major safety bonus—you won’t have to worry about keeping them out of reach of your children and pets. Cords pose as a suffocation hazard when children become entangled in them.

8. Security

By remotely controlling or setting a schedule that makes it look as if someone’s home, smart blinds can help fool would-be burglars into thinking a home is occupied. Similarly, when connected to a smart home system, the blinds can shut when the occupants leave and open when they return, courtesy of Geo-fencing and a smartphone.


Smart window blinds are a common choice for homeowners to block light or protect privacy. They are sleek in appearance, easy to maintain and quite durable – making them ideal for modern homes. Additionally, the integration of smart technology increases the ability of these blinds to increase energy efficiency and is an excellent example of how the smart home can be put to good use helping protect our planet.

“As we evolve, our homes should too!”

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